Grass / The Edge - sokpb avabodha Трава / Грань
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Grass / The Edge sokpb avabodha
sokpb avabodha
Grass / The Edge
Drone Ambient
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sokpb avabodha entered the world of drone ambient with this epic work. He found his sound in processing acoustic guitar, collected sounds using microphone and TV tuner. Vast and wide canvas of this music is priceless. Slow and sensitive like the flowing summer wind, this music illustrates the monotonous processes, helps you imagine the growing grass or the shining sun. You shouldn't expect anything happen or even change, this is like looking on the static picture finding new details every time you look at it.

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Posted by USC on 18 February 2012
Tags: tranquility, soundscapes, sleep, radio, noise, nature, minimal, meditative, field, drone ambient, atmospheric, ambient